Washing and Drying Machine MDKY

Washing and Drying Machine MDKY


    It is used in machine cleaning section. It is used for watering, washing and washing operations with water-operated, wheat or barley products. Same timw, also performs the stone separation process during washing. Machine size is selected according to the size of the machine. Motor KW's are variable according to the number of pallets of the machine. In the horizontal pool, while in the vertical pallet, the product dries at the desired humidity. When assembling the machine, the product must be installed on the balance and fixed well. After the inside, the pool should be washed out.

    The machine goes into the horizontal wash pool, washing with water and spiral is done. In the gravity lifting system, the product is seen above and the stones fall down. 

    The bottom stone spiral moves the stones out of the machine and there is a possibility of escaping with the product stones at this occasion.

    Drying Process: The washing product comes to the drying palettes and the product goes up from bottom to top and the product is dried at the desired level and moved from the outside of the dryer to the other equipment.