Ultra Trieur MTTR

Ultra Trieur MTTR

It is designed to separate round and long foreign substances in the cereals.

It separates seeds, barley, ryes, lentils, broken wheat, long grains, etc. from the wheat. Pockets pressed on liner sheet collect foreign substances and put them in the spiral basin. Outside the spiral basin, the cereals are blended with an ultra mixer, and the internal structure of long grain trieurs are comprised of a diff erent system.

Since the trieur is used for various purposes, the number of layers and liner diameters attached to them also vary. Trieurs that are generally used for long grain (barley) and circular grains must have a control system at the bottom layer.

The power system whereby an electric motor transmits power to a specially designed reducer transmission box (pear-shape reducer), the cylinder is easily started and stopped. With original EU-made liner sheets, 45% more effi ciency is obtained.

They may be produced in various types and models according to intended use and tonnage.