Stone Separator MTA

Stone Separator MTA

Combined machine for selecting of cereals into light and heavy fraction and for separating the heavy fraction from stones and other particles with high specific weight.


  • Alloy steel support structure suspended an elastic shock absorbing elements with adjustable inclination
  • Aluminium tubular frames clothed with spring-steel wire
  • Vacuum operation by means of micrometric aspiration adjustment
  • Inlet and outlet sleeve
  • Support plank for aspiration butterfly valve

Features & Advantages

  • Low energy consumption, high capacity and efficiency
  • Minimum and easy periodic maintenance
  • Durability, long lifetime, easy and quick replacement of screen
  • Precise adjustment and inclination of screen deck and airflow
  • Easy cleaning
  • Dust-free construction
  • Noiseless working condition

Working Principle

The product, flows through the superior part of the machine and with the effect of the vibration and a particular distribution system, spread on superior frame divided in three parts with different sizes and perforations. During the deviation on the superior frame, on the effect of the combination airflow and frame vibration, the product becomes intense uniformly on all length of the frame. Stones and high specific weight product fraction are concentrated on the inferior part of the product layer; however, the suspended light fractions are evacuated beginning from the second part of the frame. The destoner treatment is done on the inferior frame, the effect of the vibration and the aspiration regularize the flow of the product until the stone were evacuated on the backside. The heavy cereal fraction, cleaned from the stones, is oriented on the opposite side.

Application Fields

  • At food industry
  • Flour and semolina mills
  • Cereal cleaning plants
  • Corn factories
  • Oil factories
  • Malt factories
  • Cacao and coffee plants