Purifier MIS

Purifier MIS


It is used for cleaning and classifying the semolina in the flour and semolina factories.


A product with adjustable flow rate; thanks to a screen, it is spread neatly across entire sieve surface.
The sieve process is carried out with 2- or 3-fold sieve.
With aerodynamic air channel and air adjusting claps, an equal vacuum is created across entire sieve; 
Bran and the bran-like materials with widened adherence surface are kept suspended and separated
from the material and then pushed to the outlet .
The material free of bran (semolina) is classified according to their grain thickness thanks to sieves.   


  • High capacity due to widened sieve surface
  • Efficient cleaning with brush
  • Adjustable sieving speed
  • Problem-free running due to vibro motor drive and minimum periodical maintenance
  • Silent running
  • Easy cleaning and the surfaces suitable for health conditions
  • Light aluminum metal sieve frames with adjustable stretcher and easy sieve replacement
  • Wooden frame can be used as well if requested