Molinus Roller Mill

  • The main body is made of gray iron that absorbs the vibration and shocks.
  • Some parts of body is made of aluminum with lightweight, high durability and in conformity with sanitation and hygiene.
  • Feeding system with three rolls enables effective and smooth stock distribution on grinding rolls.
  • Feeding rolls group with linear bearings enables easy cleaning and maximum hygiene.
  • The roll pack system, that all forces and drivingpoints gathered in one axis, enables;
  • Quick roll change, in 20min
  • Single piece front cover that exposes the roll pack systemeasily and quickly.
  • Single group roll pack system
  • Effective Milling
  • Single piece front cover allows easy and quick access for maintenance and cleaning.
  • The infrared level probes enable a sensitive stock flow level control by monitoring of feed roll cycles.
  • Adjustable turbo system that creates negative pressure around the break rolls to suck dust around the break rolls
  • The complete body and parts designed with high sanitation and hygiene
  • User friendly and ergonomic driver cabinet allows easy access
  • Easy to use digital control panel




Aesthetic and smooth surface. Easy to clean.


Easy and accurate roll gap & paralleship adjustment.


Easily adjustable and high-degree roll cleaning.



It is possible to grease roll housings without stopping the roller mill which decreases the idle time



Easy access to high quality electric and electronic components.



Light weight and easy to use, noise-free and heat-free product control gate.



Easy access and control of all parameters to control the roller mill.Touch-screen panel is available on request.



To prevent unauthorised access to dangerous places the gates designed with safety locks to secure working environment.



The cycle of feeding rolls are regulated automatically by invertor controlled gear motor. Optional: Alongwith automatic inverter control, the feeder rolls cycle is regulated manually by digital setting device.



No stock leakages thanks to prefectly designed tightening mechanism.



Easy montage and dismantling. Longer lifespan.



Enduring and durable housings. Aluminum housing covers prevents high temperature due to their special structure.



The amount of sucked air into machine is regulated accurately by these valves



The main chassis is made of gray cast iron, increasing resistance and durability as well as absorbing the vibration and shocks.



Longer lifespan. Easy montage and dismantling. Standard belt sizes for all roller mill types and cycle.



Strong and durable components. Maintenance free. Easy montage and dismantling.



Optimum roll grinding pressure for a constant roll space. Useful for high milling quality.



Feeding rolls housing and roll covers are made of high-resistant aluminum extrusion profiles with bolt-connection method.



Easy cleaning for the back of feeding rolls which enables maximum hygiene at minimum time.



Feeding roll cycles are adjusted automatically by means of special level probes.



Easy access and fast cleaning and maintenance with the completely-openable front cover.



Adjustable turbo system creates negative pressure around the rolls and provides dust absorption. In addition, dusty air is evacuated from the inlet hopper to the outlet hopper by using pneumatic




Changing grinding rolls take only 20 minutes, thanks to completely dismantable grinding group which minimizes the idle & stop time of mill and creates time for an efficient production.