MNCV Roller Mill

MNCV Roller Mill

Its used at flour fabrics to make flour the wheat which comes from cleaning department and and works with full air pressure system. Provide the paralellism to scan in bohrwerk lathe machine after then welding the stands to provide stability.Rubber wick are put under the bearing slide to absorbe the vibration. Specification of the milling rolls on machine changes according to diagram, milling rolls diagram set up according to required flour quality from the flour factory.


- All controls are made by pneumatic valves and no need to use electricity.

- The valves are warned according to coming product and pistons are shut and feedrolls start to move.

- Through the aliminium sheet feddrolls amount of product can be set up, among rolls comes flow as curtain.

- Cleaning of milling rolls is with brushes below and block the accreting of product.

- when product flow finish,warner valve moves again and gives movement to piston and provide to separete the rolls and stop of feedrolls.

- Gears which forward movement are helical and work with less voice and forward high power with vibrating.

- Parallelism set of rolls are made with set valves which are front

- Amper which machinery get when operate can be seen at ampermeter on panel.

- Product entry part of machinery is made from mica to see flowing of product.