Extraction Scale V2

Extraction Scale V2

Reports can be taken in hourly, 8 hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly periods.


The Extraction Rate Scales systems are the systems which are used
in weighing the products such as wheat, flour, bran etc during the
production process and without giving rise to any interruption. It ensures
keeping the capacity and extraction values continuously under
control in the flour factories.
It is necessary keep always under control the capacity and extraction
rates as one of the most important subjects in the flour production.
Because of this reason, the extraction scales became greatly important
and started to be used in the factories recently. In the extraction
systems with the developed technological substructure, while the
production process still continues, it is possible to get access to he
information such as capacity and extraction values relating to the
production process at any time desired. The access to such information
could be ensured from the operator panels, from the central
control units and also from very far points in the environments where
there is an internet connection available. The flow of the wheat entered
and all of the products obtained according to this could be followed
on the display as the % values. Such data could be read as kg/
hour, ton /day or proportionally (%). The instant, hourly, shift, weekly
and monthly production reports could be obtained. It is possible to
make and perform the adjustment, opening, closing and reporting of
all of the measurement parameters through the computer easily. It
is also possible to connect a number of extraction rate scales to the
system as well.


• All information relating to the product can be easily accessed upon
• Flow rate of the incoming wheat, and accordingly the percentage
values of the all outgoing products can be viewed on the screen.
• All data can be read as kg/hour, ton/day or %.
• Computer system operated with all programs running under Windows.
A large number of (up to 28) Extraction rate scale can be connected
to the system.
• It is possible to follow the information relating to the status of the
factory by means of getting access to the system directly from everywhere
where the internet connection is made available.
• Instantaneous, hourly, shift-based, weekly and monthly production
reports can be obtained.