Conveyor Belt (loading)

Conveyor Belt (loading)

Conveyor which was used for general transport purposes, in horizontal or inclined adjustment to distances from various elements in almost all industries.

They are produced with PVC or Polyurethane tapes. PVC, polyurethane, rubber, mesh tape, food-grade PU, Teflon, plastic module, types can be selected. Specialized product transportation in aluminum or steel construction.

It works very easily on the chassis made of electrostatic painted or stainless steel on black sheet metal. They can be designed straight or curved. Material which is transpoting on belt conveyors, with belt tensioned between the tensioning drum and a drum while moving with a motor reducer system.

Transport can be used according to the optional product. It is the largest conveyor type and easy to use. The conveyed material is clearly preferred for having a smooth surface. Master carton, box, package, sack, bulk etc. makes fast and affordable distribution of packaged and unpacked products in a short time also at fixed height or as connected units. Speed ??can be adjusted according to need. We have slippery, retaining, oil resistant, transverse T-profile, frilled and more various tapes.



In addition to the most widely used types, we also have designs in the side geometry in a single band.


It is used when it is not possible to run the Conveyor Line straight or to make the forklift and vehicle transition.


Conveyor lines are required to eliminate level course or transport.


It is possible to reduce the belt elevation suitable for bringing the low level product to the line level. It works without any problem with correct band selection.


Used when there is a height difference between conveyor lines.