Chain Conveyor V2

Chain Conveyor V2

Molinus Chain conveyors allow conveyance of the grain economically without damaging the product in a horizontal and slanting angle at a pace between 0.32 m3/h (0.25 ton/h) and 1615 m3/h (1245 ton/h).


* Provides ideal and efficient solutions according to type of grain to be conveyed through a wide range of capacity and chain speed options.


*300 gr / m2 galvanized steel structure resists corrosion and bolt connected body structure allows ease in installation, maintenance and repair.

*Bearings which have special covers and oil seals are nodular cast iron and resists negative ambient conditions, dust, liquid and other external factors.

* Grain accumulation at drive head is eliminated with a system moving on idler gear to prevent grain accumulation. 

* Linear UHMW PE bearing used to reduce friction in chain movement ensures an increased wear resistance and silent operation.

* Grain level can be monitored through level monitoring windows on conveyors.

*Latch covers for inspection provide ease in monitoring, maintenance and repair in cases necessary.


* Sensor-fitted dust discharge and inspection cover on drive head

* 2 inspection hatches for each conveyor.

* UHMW PE grain sweeping wings

* Roller bearings in light-duty conveyors and linear sliding bearings in heavy-duty conveyors

*IP 55 protection class and high-performance electric motors

* 4 level monitoring windows for each conveyor

* Sensor system that stops operation of conveyor in case of chain breakage or loosening

* Fill sensor that stops operation in case of blockage in conveyor flow

* Speed sensor which measures the gear speed on drive head

* Tensile ruler system

* 300 g/m2 galvanized body plates

* Hardened gears and drive axle

* Conveyor feet for fixing conveyor to the ground


* Extra inspection hatches and level inspection windows

* Full interior UHMW PE coating and HARDOX body options for various crop types

*Use of equipment and fittings in accordance with ATEX 94/9 regulation, Zone Class 20,21, 22

*Sampling hatches