Automatic weighing machine V2

Automatic weighing machine V2

Molinus’s design, valve bag filling machines is appropriate for filling of every kind of powder or granular materials into paper, plastic or polypropilen bags fast and accurately. Molinus designs and manufactures valve bag-filling machines differently according to the characteristics of the filling material.

There is a stock vessel inside the valve bag-filling machine, to stock the material. The material level inside the vessel is observed by vibration level sensors. This vessels bottom has a 30° slope, which one end is opened directly to the bag. By applying ~0.6 bar air from 5 different points of this vessel material is fluidized. Fluidized material flows through the nozzle unit and into the bag. The nozzle unit is connected to the stock vessel flexibly and it is weighed by two Load-Cells, which it is hanged on to. It is also designed to change easily considering the differences in bag sizes.

Flowing of material in the vessel has two speed steps: one fast; for reducing the filling time, and one slow; for achieving accuracy. A double step, pneumatic operated piston throttles the flex hose, between the nozzle and the vessel, in order to achieve slow feeding.

System is controlled by a PLC (Siemens) Unit and below items can be observed or changed from the Operator Panel:

  • Weighing Values
  • Fast-Slow Feeding Values
  • Filling count
  • Active weighing value
  • Calibration Coefficient
  • And Error Messages
Weighing Interval25-50 kg
Capacity4 bag / minute
Weighing Accuracy+/- 20 g
Filling Accuracy+/- 150 g